May 26 Worry Free Pedicure Tablets For Safer Pedicures

Who doesn’t love a pedicure? A nail spa’s warm soothing footbath is a relaxing break from a stressful day that also primps and pampers your
tired, achy, worked feet. But with risk of whirlpool tubs containing microbacteria that can produce warts, MRSA, athlete’s foot and toenail
fungus, how relaxing can your spa day really be?

worry free pedicure tablets

Worry Free Pedi™ offers fast, effective sanitizing effervescent tablets that you add to your pedicure bath. Available in individually wrapped packs, you simply carry a tablet with you to the salon and drop it right into the footbath. Just one tablet eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and fungi.

While most nail salons and spas clean out their whirlpool baths between clients, they actually are not reaching the major source of the bacteria. Infection-causing bacteria lurks in the jet blowers of spa tubs. Some spa baths disassemble for proper sterilization, but many do not. Worry Free Pedi™ reaches and eliminates those bacteria and bring you a safe, clean and relaxing pedicure experience.

Using Worry Free Pedi™ could not be simpler. Just bring an individually wrapped tablet with you to your next pedicure appointment, drop it into the bath prior to turning on the jets, and the effervescent tablet goes to work immediately.

So while you may have already come out unscathed from past pedicures, infection can be picked up very quickly and unknowingly. Common grooming practices such as shaving your legs before a pedicure open your pores and make your skin susceptible infection, or a simple cut or nick from a manicure tool can increases chances for infection. For less than $1.75 a tablet you eliminate risk and quit the game of staph infection Russian Roulette.

Worry Free Pedi™ are available in packs of 8 tablets for $13.99 and will soon be available at and For more information, visit

*I used one this week and it was amazing!  Plus my feet felt even softer then usual after my pedi spa:)
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