Aug 22 The Synergy Company For A Healthy You

the synergy company

If you are looking to get back into a "healthier" life style, I highly recommend checking out The Synergy Company.  A privately family owned company operating since their official launch in 1992.  Synergy continues to grow every day and will never compromise their small company and family values.  Their personal relationship with customers is why I am giving them a shout out and why they are so successful!

The Synergy Company offers supplements in powder and capsule form to target all health areas of concern.  Their signature formulas protect the heart, eyes, cell, immune and bone health! So awesome!  I started taking SuperPure Milk Thistle which is for optimal liver health and healthy detoxification.  It also promotes healthier skin and offers healthy aging support!

They are a world-renowned, award-winning, certified organic facility with 75+ dedicated employees from all walks of life. The common denominator among them is their desire to be a part of a company that truly makes a difference.

  • Third-party certified to manufacture USDA organic and kosher products

  • FDA registered, GMP compliant

  • Fully climate controlled

  • State-of-the-art air and water filtration

  • Oxygen-free, moisture-free Ultra Fresh Packaging

  • Refrigerated storage for all of our ingredients

  • Additive-free processing

  • 100% wind-powered operations

  • Internationally compliant, quality assurance program with in-house laboratory

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