Dec 10 The Magic of Green Goo

Replace Those First Aid Products with 

All-Natural, All-Purpose Green Goo

Get rid of the 10-20 traditionally used First Aid items and toss out those lotions that take up space on you bathroom counter. Green Goo is made up of all the high quality, healing ingredients your skin has been craving.


This herbal-packed powerhouse will soothe, moisturize and heal. Green Goo's proprietary blend will heal cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing and poison ivy. It also relieves dry and cracked hands and feet, soothes the sting of insect bites and reduces fine lines and signs of aging.

You can take this multi-purpose, easy-to carry product with you anywhere and it will come in handy for practically any occasion. If your baby gets a diaper rash, grab Green Goo. What about that 5-year-old with a scrape from a skateboard fall? Grab Green Goo. When dad goes hiking, he also needs Green Goo to fend off any rashes or run-ins with branches. If that teenage gal gets sunburned, Green Goo comes to the rescue. If you want a highly effective lotion for a youthful glow, Green Goo is perfect for you. It really can be beneficial for all - from babies to grandparents and everyone in between.

Green Goo prides itself in using natural, organic, pure products. Their many products include ingredients like:

  • Olive Oil

  • Vitamin E Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Jojoba Oil

  • Calendula Flowers

  • Plantain

  • Chickweed

  • Yarrow

  • Sage

  • St. John’s Wort

  • Comfrey Leaf

  • Myrrh

  • Beeswax

  • Essential Oils of Lavender and Rosemary

The list goes on. These ingredients are found all around us in nature - you won't find any fillers or chemicals in anything they do. In fact, many of their carefully selected organic herbs come from their own garden or are sourced from other local farmers. What separates Green Goo from the others is their infusion process. They extract all of the medicinal value from the herbs through a lengthy and potent extraction process, which makes their formulas highly concentrated and rich in healing properties. Their recipes are designed to complement the bodies natural system and cellular make-up.


They have created body butters, massage oils, baby lotions, belly oils, first aid, lip balms, bug spray and soothing cream for sore muscles. They also have lotion to treat eczema, cold sores, sun damage and wrinkles. This company really encompasses the true meaning of pure food for your skin. 

Based in Lyons, Colorado, Green Goo by Sierra Sage was founded by a mother and her two daughters with a deep commitment to creating pure, conscious body care products that are safe for everyone, including the environment. One daughter is an herbalist, organic farmer, backyard beekeeper, midwife and permaculturist. The other daughter is a businesswoman, health psychology major and has a background in Western medicine. Their mom is a biologist and teacher. They all share the same passion for clean, effective body care products and strive to leave a positive footprint on the planet through sustainable practices and healing ingredients.

Worth checking out boys and girls! We give it the thumbs up!

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