May 31 New Spring/Summer Hair Products From Evo

best wavy hair products

evo, the Australian hair care line full of great products available both online and at salons around the country has just released some amazing new hair products worth trying!!!

Spring Favorites:

  • The Great Hydrator – mask for an intense hydrating treatment that greatly improves hair manageability

  • Helmut Finishing Spray  + Love Touch Shine Spray – this duo will help tame hair, prevent damage and provides maximum control to finished styles and smooths fly-aways while adding incredible shine

  • Day of Gracefights off hair static while protecting and calming the hair and bringing back the shine that was lacking throughout winter

  • Gluttony and Bride of Gluttony – a great shampoo and conditioner combo to give straight hair volume and style support

Summer Favorites and Warm Weather Travel:

  • Water Killer – this dry shampoo is a must have travel accessory and is available in the convenient travel size

  • Salty Dog – a sea-esque mist designed to give your hair salty, beach-based texture and a matte finish

  • The Great Hydrator – this product will make your hair happy from the inside out, as it will pack your hair with moisture that the sun and sea has sipped out

  • Box of Bollox – protect your hair from the chlorine by creating a barrier with this great paste

Also recently launched SheBang-a-bang and Hardwood Tool Range

she bang a bang by evo hair care

SheBang-a-bang is a modern spray was that was created to suit all types of hair - short, fine hair looking for volume and separation, through to thick curls that need definition but want clean, flexible, touchable texture.  All this with a hint of absolute effortlessness.

best comba and hair brushes

Hardwood Tool Range is hank, bruce, pete, conrad, bradford, tyler, chad, roy and truman. With an environmental conscious, evo® hardwood brushes and combs provide professional quality tools for all hair types, styles and lengths. These lightweight tools deliver a classical, luxurious aesthetic. The cushion pads are made from natural rubber, offering high durability and heat resistance. The natural bristles control static, polish hair and minimize hair damage. The ceramic-coated barrels absorb heat uniformly, aiding drying time and styling. The ionic nylon pins generate negative ions, helping to leave hair smooth and manageable. They are made with recyclable materials and responsibly grown hardwood that is traceable to FSC® sources.

LOVE my wooden comb and brush!!!! Both slip through my tangled hair effortlessly:)
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