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Each of us has the ability to create beauty from a variety of sources within our reach.  Beauty is not just about waking up in the morning, splashing our faces with cold water, applying skincare and then carefully applying our makeup to face the world.  It is so much more then that.  Beauty has to start from deep down and we need to tap into that beauty in order to bring it to the surface.  As they say, "beauty is from within."  When we allow ourselves to think outside of the box about beauty, we begin to bring out our natural essence which in return starts turning heads and we did not even apply any makeup!   Believe it or not, everything we eat and drink does effect our skin, hair, nails, mental attitude and overall well being.  The better we take care of our bodies the better we will look.

skinny 14 day tea detox

Recently I was asked to try SkinnyTox Organic Detox Tea for 14 days.  I am not a fan of "detoxing" anything and diet is not a word in my vocabulary, but I tried it.  When my tea arrived I opened the box to discover 2 tins of tea bags.  One tin held 14 Day Tea Detox Full Leaf Organic Energy Berry Sachets for morning and the other tin contained 7 Organic Detox Sachets for night time.  I read the directions and kept a personal 14 day diary of my reaction to the teas.  According to the pamphlet, I was to drink the berry energy tea every morning for 14 days and the herb night time tea every other night.  (That is why there were only 7 sachets for the 14 day detox)

For 14 days straight I drank the AM tea 30 minutes before I ate and for 7 nights I drank the PM herb tea 30 minutes before I went to sleep.  I could not believe the stamina I had during the day and my core balance was awesome in my yoga class.  I have never been more energetic and capable of doing things I needed to get done while I was drinking "SkinnyTox Tea."  My night time sleeping pattern usually consists of going to bed late and eventually falling asleep after reading or watching television.  Happy to report that it too was also altered for the better!

I am sure you are all thinking, "that's great Te-see.  But how does it taste?"  Well, let me tell you...Both the AM and PM tea tasted wonderful! Before I began my "tea detox," I was expecting the teas to taste bitter and frankly just awful...WRONG TE-SEE!  They tasted delicious.  The teas have a very smooth, pleasant and comforting taste which made my 14 day detox easy to accomplish!

Skinnytox Organic Tea is formulated to support the seven elimination channels with a blend of great tasting herbs. The channels of detoxification are mostly organs systems: Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Lungs, Skin, Blood, and Lymph. These channels are aided by supporting herbs, a healthy diet of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and regular cardio exercise.  It's a great way to lose water weight, reduce bloating, detox your colon, naturally boost your energy, and support your metabolism.

Organic Energy Berry / Morning

Key Ingredients and What They Can Do:  sencha (increase metabolism & appetite suppressant), eluethero root (controls cravings, increases energy), stevia root (anti inflammatory, diuretic), gotu kola (eliminates fatigue, anxiety, depression), rosehips (increase metabolism,lower blood pressure supports immune system), orange peel (May help prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces weight, improves digestion, fights infection: colds & flu) , currants (reduce inflammation, & may help lower risk of cancer), elderberries (lowers cholesterol, improves vision, boosts immune system, & improves heart health)

Organic Herbal Detox / Night

Key Ingredients and What The Can Do:  hibiscus (diuretic, contains vitamin C, lowers blood press), rosehips (increase metabolism, appetite suppressant, lower cholesterol,supports immune system), rooibos (anti-anxiety, helps digestive problems), apple fruit (reduce cholesterol, support heart health, help with diarrhea and/or constipation, control weight, detoxify liver), senna leaf (an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative, weight loss), orange peel (lowers cholesterol levels, reduces weight, improves digestion, fights infection, relieves bronchitis, & treats bad breath), licorice root (reduces cravings, anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion). lemon grass (aids digestion, calms nervous disorders, and helps in the treatment of high blood pressure).

Both the morning and night time teas have ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS that are vital for sustaining a healthy body and life.  And another huge benefit is that this detox tea will rid your skin of impurities resulting in gorgeous brighter skin.  Your face will have a natural glow and peoples will want to know your secret...they always want to know mine:)

Start your SkinnyTox Organic Detox Tea 14 Day Journey today!  If you like it you can continue on your healthy journey by reordering this delicious healthy tea!

te-see xo


*images courtesy of:  botanical science

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