Oct 19 Skin Laundry For A Younger Looking You

Over the summer I was generously offered several treatments at SKIN LAUNDRY Laser & Light Therapy in the Glendale, Ca., facility.  I am personally intrigued by laser therapy as well as a HUGE fan!  Although my skin is relatively good, I will NEVER say no to checking out a new treatment that has the potential to make it look even better!!!

Before the treatment I had to answer a questionnaire about my skin, general health and asked to sign a waver to confirm my skin was treatable without any reverse reactions.  I was then taken into the treatment room where I was asked to wipe my face clean of any makeup or previously applied skincare.  (I was able to keep my sexy "cat eyes" created from Beth Bender Beauty's new "Eye Candy stencils.")

Me Before Treatment (and yes,those are my natural lips...)

skin laundry before

You can see some redness and a little uneven skin tone.  A certified skincare professional named Jessica used the perfect dose of laser and light to deep clean my skin which is to dramatically improve it over time.  The treatment was so quick and easy.  It literally took a total of 20 mins from when I walked in and when I left.  My skin looked refreshed, fuller and felt tighter immediately after Jessica was done.  I couldn't wait for my next treatment!  AND NO makeup necessary:)  Gotta love that!

I followed up 2 weeks later with a second treatment and then 2 weeks after that for my 3rd treatment.  I loved it so much I bought my sister a gift card for her birthday for 2 treatments since the first one is ALWAYS FREE!!!  I have never gotten so many compliments from older women about my skin looking wrinkle free and AMAZING! WOO HOO!!!

Me on the left after 3 treatments!

tesee after 3 skin laundry treatments

About Skin Laundry: Skin Laundry is famous for taking world-class laser and light therapy out of the doctor's office and into Skin Laundry clinics (open, airy California vibe) to create a new category in skincare services: the Laser & Light Facial. This signature treatment is an incredibly effective and convenient 15-Minute facial that deep cleans skin leaving it clearer, tighter and brighter -- with no downtime! They currently have 10 U.S. locations and 18 products, with more coming soon!


After each treatment I was told to use the Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask when I got home.  I highly recommend it for added results!  *Katherine Schwarzenegger and Shay Mitchell are big fans!

skin laundry face masks

About the Mask: This nutrient-rich facial mask nourishes the skin in just 10-15 minutes. Once applied, it releases skin-renewing ingredients to improve skin hydration, minimize pores and even out skin tone and texture.

Features & Benefits: Carton of 5; Vitamins, amino acids, minerals and natural plant extracts; Leaves skin brightened, rehydrated, replenished, relaxed and refreshed; Ideal for post laser treatments

I highly recommend setting up a free visit TODAYSkin Laundry's are located in CA, AZ, NY, London, and Hong Kong.

*FYI:  I Love their SPF!  I have tried and reviewed many over the years and Skin Laundry's is on the top of my list!

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