Nov 9 Shave Legs Safely

Have you ever tried to shave your legs in the shower and actually keep your balance...?  And, get this, NOT NICK your legs?!  The majority of people will agree that dangerously balancing on one foot with a sharp object pressed to your skin is a bad idea.  However, most women do it daily.  What are we thinking, right?  But check this out girls and boys...


The Shower Sidekick is a portable, adjustable stand that locks into any shower corner, providing a safe and sturdy footrest for shaving. Yep, women may never need to choose between a dangerous balancing act or sitting on a dirty shower floor again.  I have used it several times since I was asked to review it and it is AMAZING!  It is easy to set up and break down if you prefer not to keep it in the shower.  But why move it when it fits perfectly in the corner and has a space to hold your razor.  Now I feel so confident shaving my legs and best of all, no more nicks!

shower sidekick

Lightweight and collapsible, the Shower Sidekick is ideal for travel and shared spaces, such as gym, hotel, and dorm bathrooms. Its lean and lock design requires no installation, so you can set-up and pack-up in seconds.  Definitely a much needed beauty product for all women!

*Retails for $29.95 on Amazon
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