What To Do With Your Clothes After Dropping Down A Few Sizes

We’re almost two months through the year now, which means most people have had eight weeks to commit to their new year’s resolution of getting fit and healthy. Consequently, I find a lot of people are getting to the stage where they open their wardrobe and realize that a lot of their clothes no longer fit. This is a problem for everyone that loses weight, and it’s probably the only annoying thing about it!

Nevertheless, don’t worry yourself too much. There are plenty of things you can do with your clothes after dropping down a few sizes. So, before you start throwing them all out, try a few of these ideas:

Get Them Adjusted

Certain items of clothing, like dressers, smart trousers, blouses, and blazers, can be adjusted at any time. As you can see on http://stitchit.co/services/, people offer clothes altering services that can help you make something fit better. You’re able to take trousers in at the waist, lengthen sleeves, and so on. Essentially, there are loads of things in your wardrobe that you can probably continue to wear if they just undergo a tiny alteration. This is particularly handy for office work clothes, as they’re the things that are usually easy to alter.

Change The Way You Wear Things

Let’s imagine you used to have a nice jumper that fits fairly tightly, and you’d wear it when you went out for coffee or to a university lecture, etc. Now, it’s extremely baggy, and you feel a bit silly wearing it. Don’t throw it out! Instead, change the way you wear it. It might not look good to wear out, but you can wear it around your house as a big cosy jumper for those cold lazy days. You’re still getting some use out of it, just not in the same way as before! The same idea can be used for a dress that used to fit tight to your body and is now a bit loose. Now, you could try wearing it as a loose summer or casual dress with a belt.

Make Your Old Clothes Into New Clothes

Now, if you enjoy a bit of DIY fashion, then this is a great idea for you. Take your old, oversized clothes, and make them into new things. You can cut them up and stitch them into completely different items of clothing. Of course, be reasonable, you’re not going to turn an old jumper into a pair of jeans, are you! But, you can easily turn dresses into things like aprons, as the video above this showcases. The clothes are too big to wear anyway, so you may as well cut them up if you can get more use out of them.

If you’re currently undergoing a bit of a transformation into a leaner version of yourself, then you’ll find this advice helpful. Use it, and you can save a lot of money by getting more use out of oversized clothes instead of going out and buying a new wardrobe.