Recreate Your Bra With STRAP-ITS


Strap Its” are beautiful straps that pair with any halter, tank top and bra to recreate your whole look. Best of all, you know those shirts where your bras stick out? Well, these cover them up. They come in all colors, with fabulous designs.  Check out this tank top with the silver nail head straps!

silver nail heads-01

So easy to use!  Buy a variety of designs and switch them out when your mood changes:)  You will need a strapless or convertible bra that has elastic loops. Then just hook the clips through the loops and adjust to fit.  You can also take a bra of your choice to any tailor and add an elastic loop to the inside of your bra.  Made of 79% polyester and 21% spandex. Love these!!!! What a great idea:)


They arrive in a large size test tube that it easily opened and you can store your straps in the tube after each use.  Depending on your choice of design, Price ranges between $15 -$20.


The story behind STRAP-ITS:  The Company was founded by former corporate executive, Julie Karlitz, when she spotted her teenage daughter going out in outfits that showed her bra straps. It was there that Julie decided to create a way to wear fashion with class.

“strap-its is a collaboration between our daughters and ourselves.  We were tired of seeing our girls going out in outfits showing their bra straps. We knew there had to be a way to wear fashion with class. Searching on the Internet we could not find the kind of straps that we envisioned. So, we decided to start designing new straps with a bit of edge and sophistication. Once we began wearing them, our friends started asking for them… and so began the story of strap-its…”