Get Whiter Teeth At Home With Smile Illuminator

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Luster Premium White’s new Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit. Launching in stores and online (here) this month, the Smile Illuminator is an easy-to-use system that polishes, boosts, and revamps teeth to re-energize smiles with zero tooth sensitivity. As you look forward to spring and summer oral beauty stories, I would love for you to keep the product top of mind and consider for inclusion.

best teeth whitening at home kit

The Smile Illuminator takes an innovative approach to integrating oral care into daily beauty regimens:

  • Step 1: (Polish) An Electrifying Blue Toothpaste instantly whitens teeth after one use by utilizing Bluverite®, a proprietary technology that leaves behind blue micro-particles causing an optical whitening effect on teeth.
  • Step 2: (Boost) Brisk Rinse, a zesty mint flavored mouthwash containing a combination of Bluverite® and peroxide provides fresh, clean breath along with both instant and long-lasting whitening.
  • Touch Up: (Revamp): A travel-size tube of Whitening Serum is conveniently applied onto teeth as a finishing stain dissolver and can be used separately for whitening touch ups.

This whitening kit is their best yet!  My teeth never looked so white and so easy to use!!!  LOVE IT!