Whiter Teeth At Home

white teeth


Nothing complements a bold lip better than glistening pearly whites, but the thought of having to step into a dentist’s office for a whitening session may have you reluctant to try that purple shade you’ve had your eye on. To provide a faster and easier alternative to in-office teeth whitening visits, CVS/pharmacy introduces the NEW Platinum Whitening Kit($29.99), which whitens teeth and removes years of stains with just one 20-minute treatment! So next time you’re watching an old Friends rerun or waiting for your clay mask to dry, you can simultaneously whiten your teeth.

whitening kit

The kit includes a soft mouth tray that won’t hurt like plastic mouth trays and doesn’t require boiling/molding. The tray is pre-filled with the whitening mixture (which has a fresh minty flavor!) for mess-free application and the formula includes potassium nitrate to minimize the discomfort/tooth sensitivity usually associated with teeth whitening. For an even whiter smile, the kit comes with two bonus treatments pre-filled in an easy-to-use syringe!