Viola Davis Oscars 2018

The 90th Annual Academy Awards was full of bright colored gowns and glowing faces.  Viola Davis was one of our favorites!  Her neon pink gown complimented her gorgeous dark skin tone and made her face glow!

Viola was one of the presenters who radiated on stage. Her hair pulled tightly off her face with long tight waves cascading down her face, helped achieve her striking look.

Looking to recreate your own version of Viola?!  May we suggest starting out creating your eye look first.  Using a black eye shadow, take your eye liner brush, dip it into your black shadow.  (For a darker black, wet your brush with a bit of water before dipping into your shadow) Start at the inner corner of your upper lid pressing the color into your skin.  Follow along your entire upper lid.  Once near the end of your lash line, slightly lift your brush at a angle to create your wing.

*(for a quick thick wing, use beth bender beauty’s wing liner stencil)

Repeat on other eye.  Then take a taupe shimmer color and apply on upper lid and crease.  Use a black thickening mascara to create luscious lashes.  (2 coats will be best)  We LOVE It Cosmetics Superhero mascara.

For brows, It Cosmetics “Brow Power,” the universal brow pencil to fill in and define your brows.  For cheeks we suggest Beth Bender Beauty’s “Sweet Cheeks” highlighters (vegan, organic and made in the USA). Start at the apple of your cheek and continue up into the hair line.  Blend in a downward motion to give you the perfect glow on your cheeks.

Lips, use a 24 hour matte lip color so you can kiss, blot, and kiss again without ever having to reapply.  Maybelline makes a great one!