Two Minute Beauty Day

beth bender beauty


No excuses girls…It took me 2 minutes, if that, to put on my morning skincare and “perfect cat eye,” compliments of  You do not need a lot of makeup to look your best but you do need a good hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your face glowing and wrinkle free!

My favorite product is Miracle Skin Transformer’s “Miracle Balm.”  After I wash my face I put about 1/2 a dime size mixed with a hydrating moisturizer over my entire face.  Once that is absorbed I put a little “Egyptian Magic” under both of my eyes followed by my new all time favorite sunscreen from ALTCHEK MD.

Then I take my “Beth Bender Cat Eye Stencil” and place it close to my upper eyelashes and fill in one side then flip it over and fill in the other!

Hair was compliments of the BRILLIANT Andi Scarbrough, one of the owners at FRAMED SALON! Andi knows color like I know beauty! At a very young age she was playing around with color and knew that was what she wanted to do as an adult!  She will not let you walk out of the salon unless she is happy with her results! Gotta love that! All of the stylists are amazing and they treat you like the true GODDESS that you are! Located in Santa Monica, Ca with easy access off the freeway!

So, girls get your eyes and hair on for 2016!