Tweexy Spill Proof Mani Must Have


Ever try to balance a bottle of nail polish on your leg while trying to polish your nails?  Not pretty…Kinda messy!  Now you can easily get your nails ready for any occasion with tweexy, the original wearable nail polish bottle holder that allows you to polish your nails any time anywhere! tweexy is made out of silicone and molded to fit any nail polish bottle in any shape or size. This colorful device slips onto your fingers and grips the polish securely to keep the bottle within easy reach to avoid spills.  It will change the way you polish your nails forever!


  • Innovative: tweexy is the original, wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere
  • Practical: tweexy eliminates the need for a surface to place your polish bottle on
  • Compact: tweexy is small enough to fit in a makeup bag and weighs less than one ounce
  • Economical: tweexy allows you to reach every drop of polish by tilting your hand
  • Cruelty-free & made in California

$14.95. Available now on AMAZON!

This tweexy is awesome!  No more messy spills!  You can use it any where!  LOVE, love, love it!

*FYI:  buy a few, because someone in your family will steal it when you are not looking:)!