Turn Back the Clock with Freeze 24-7

(after taking off the mask)

I LOVE cloth face masks!  I am always down for trying new ones that come my way…Check out this one from Freeze 24-7 I just used…Anti-Gravity Lifting Face Mask.

Formulated by top dermatologists, active lifting ingredients help strengthen the skin’s elasticity and restore skin’s density to effectively improve the appearance of fine lines.

This gel mask is made from all-natural fermented coconut juice, which contains Vitamins B and C for hydrating and anti-aging purposes. The gel material can hold 10X more fluid than generic non-woven fabric and has natural soothing properties!


  • Adenosine: Improves appearance of wrinkles.
  • Serilesine: Adds density to skin tissues increasing skin elasticity. Relieves existing fine lines and wrinkles while preventing future ones.
  • Mushroom Complex extract with enriched β-glucan: Supplies moisturizing care and nutrition to the skin.

USAGE: Peel off the protective paper from one side of the mask. Apply the mask to cleansed and dry face, fitting it to the curves around the eyes, nose and mouth. Once fully applied to face, remove the protective film from the outside of the mask. Leave on for 20-25 minutes then discard. Gently pat the face with clean fingertips until the remaining serum is fully absorbed. Apply excess to Neck and chest. No need to Rinse.

After I took it off I gently patted the remaining serum into my skin.  My face was glowing and looked more youthful!  This mask is awesome people!!!

PRICE: $60 for 8 Masks

AVAILABILITY: www.freeze247.com