Colorful Cat Eyes For Fall

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Now that summer is almost over and we are ascending into Fall, it might be easier to gradually glide into the seasonal change by switching up your eyes!  Instead of falling back into your old beauty routines, why not add a little color to your “cat eye?!”  I am loving this yellow/gold cat eye shown in the photo above.  It is so easy to create using Beth Bender Beauty’s Cat Eye Stencil.


First pick your cat eye color.  I suggest using eye shadows since they go on easier with the stencil and you have a huge variety of colors to choose from!  Place your cat eye stencil just above your lash line. (Pro-Tip: the further away you place your stencil from your lash line the wider your cat eye will be)  Now take your eye shadow brush and gently dab it into the color eye shadow of your choice.  Tap off excess shadow then apply it into the open eye stencil area extending it up into the tip of the cat eye stencil at the outer part of your eye.  Remove your stencil then flip it over and use on your other eye. Repeat steps.

Apply one or two coats of black mascara to your eye lashes.  Pop a bit of color your your cheek bones and a pale lip gloss to compliment your colorful cat eyes!