Trilogy New Limited Edition Beauty Oil Set

Trilogy natural skincare has just released the Trilogy No.1 Limited Edition Sampler Set, which is available exclusively in Whole Foods and on through the end of the year only. Trilogy natural skincare, based in New Zealand, is celebrating 15 years of pure plant oil innovation with this luxurious set of five deluxe mini samples of each Trilogy innovative beauty oil. Check it out!

  • NEW Trilogy No. 15 Limited Edition Beauty Oil (5ml): Trilogy’s most ground-breaking super-seed oil blend yet. Trilogy traveled the world, from the tropical shores of Hawaii to the mountainous regions of Africa, to source 15 of the finest pure plant oils to blend a powerful, clinically proven anti-pollution super-seed oil. It’s designed as a multi-tasking beauty treatment for all kinds of skin types. It’s enriched with a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich oils to help nourish, repair and protect against aging and tissue damage caused by environmental free radicals.
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ (5ml): A powerful beauty oil formulated with Trilogy unique trademarked formulation, Rosapene™, which provides intense hydration plus daily antioxidant protection. Combining nourishing essential fatty acids with super antioxidants lycopene and phytosterol, this power-packed beauty oil is deeply moisturizing while helping to protect against free radical damage.
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil Light Blend (5ml): The newest rosehip oil offering, this oil is a certified organic balancing beauty oil that helps to regulate skin’s own oil production and improve skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles for clear, radiantly healthy skin. Its formulation includes fatty acid-rich certified organic rosehip oil to help hydrate, repair and strengthen, nutrient-rich grapeseed oil to moisturize and balance, jojoba oil to moisturize, nourish and repair, and antioxidant-rich lycopene from tomato to provide protection against free radical damage.
  • Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil (5ml): Certified organic, this oil is the superstar performer of the Trilogy Age-Proof range. Combining the concentrated benefits of Trilogy unique potent complex Glycablend™ with antioxidant coenzyme Q10 and tamanu, macadamia and black caraway seed oils, it’s an intensively nourishing beauty oil that recharges and revitalizes skin at a cellular level, boosting collagen and elastin production while protecting against free radical damage.
  • Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil (5ml): Dermatologically tested, this oil is a deeply nourishing and restoring pure plant oil suitable for even the most sensitive and reactive skin types. Combining essential fatty acid and antioxidant-rich new super-oil maqui berry and Omega-7 rich sea buckthorn, this certified organic beauty oil provides gentle nourishment, repair and protection while helping to protect skin against free radical and oxidative damage. Apricot oil containing vitamins A and E also work to soothe the skin to help slow the signs of aging.
This sampler set is only $25 and such a fabulous deal!  With the holidays coming up, this will make a great gift/stocking stuffer.  Trilogy beauty oil are soothing, healing and make my skin feel and look fabulous! So, don’t wait too long to purchase a set!