Top Beauty Secret and Gift Idea

The holiday’s are right around the corner which means two things…time to get your face looking perfect and start searching for the perfect gift for your favorite beauty junkies!  While no present can ever truly express your love and friendship, Frownies Eye Gels is a gift that will make any person (male or female), feel instantly rejuvenated and radiant.  Age may be just a number, but Frownies ensures that beauty is timeless.

top selling eye gels

While there are a variety of beauty products promising immediate results, Frownies vows to give steady results through the purest method. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, Frownies contains powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidation damage, known as the culprit of wrinkling.


They are great for all skin tones and types, these luxurious eye gels reduce unwanted expression lines from years of continual facial motions, such as smiling and squinting.  They also fights dark spots, fine lines and discoloration on the skin. Built with organic, skin-friendly ingredients such as, aloe, natural vitamins and niacin, Frownies offers the most organic routine to achieving a refreshed look.

Comfortable and easy to apply, simply place the adhesive strips over unwanted wrinkled areas for 15 to 30 minutes and watch the pesky expression lines disappear. To ensure you get your money’s worth, every eye gel patch is reusable. Simply remove the patch, place back in the supplied tray to moisture and refrigerate until the next usage.

results after using frownies eye gels

While a myriad of beauty fixes require a large sum of money, Frownies gives the luxury and rewards without breaking your wallet. Three sets of reusable patches, which are good for three to 15 applications are offered for only $29.95!  So, make your gift list easy this year!  Let your friends and family feel as if they are in a spa with all in the comfort of being at home!

*We LOVE these and so easy to use!  You will see a difference after one use!