Time To Brighten Up Your Hair


Brighten Up Your Look with John Frieda Hair Care

Now that it’s Spring it’s time to revamp your look. Bring out the beautiful color in your hair with John Frieda Hair Care– no salon visit necessary.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Collection ($9.99 each, ULTA)

You love being a blonde, so why let your captivating colour be anything but amazing? With this collection, your blonde will shine brighter than ever. Take your color from dull to dazzling with the NEW John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter collection, infusing it with a shimmery pearlescence to reveal a brighter, bolder, more reflective blonde.

5 Start your shower off with Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Ultra Illuminating Shampoo to improve translucency and light reflection while it cleanses, revealing a boosted blonde.


After shampooing, apply the Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Blonde Perfecting Treatment to revitalize and harmonize your blonde, adding an overlay of stunning shimmer that moves naturally in the light. Apply first to the underside sections of the hair, followed by the top and back sections. Then add one all-over, full coat to the hair. Wait five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Wash hands after use and allow three washes between each treatment.


Finally, apply Sheer Blonde Brilliantly Brighter Ultra Illuminating Conditioner. This weightless conditioner will moisturize, nourish and smooth hair, while leaving behind the shimmery, pearlescent finish.

*For best results, use the Shampoo and Conditioner daily, but make sure to allow at least three washes between each treatment application.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Lightening Collection ($9.99 each at food, drug and mass retailers)

Get that natural looking sun-kissed glow with this trio of shampoo, conditioner and in-shower treatment. Introduced in 2016, this is the first at-home range of products to lighten and brighten brunette colour right in the shower. It will illuminate warm honey and caramel tones in your hair to make it look naturally lightened by the sun.


Prior to shampoo and conditioner, start off with the Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Treatment. Your brunette colour will instantly be lifted up 1 shade, bringing out its lighter, warmer dimensions. It works by removing a type of melanin from the hair shaft that’s particular to brunettes, resulting in a permanent, all-over lighting. The dual-tube applicator lets you blend the lightener in your hands, with no extra mixing step. Run the foaming treatment through your hair, leave it on for 5 minutes, and then rinse completely.



Gradually brighten & illuminate glowing brunette tones with the Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Shampoo & Visibly Brighter Conditioner. They take brunette hues in a warmer, more golden direction and adds shine for extra brightness.


For best results, use the Shampoo and Conditioner daily, and apply the treatment approximately once every four weeks (1-2 times during each color cycle)