The Power of Hyaluronic Acid

fight aging


Now more then ever women and men are doing everything they can to stop the aging clock!  New skincare products are popping up every day promising to soften, plump and magically erase time!  But do they really?  At BSW, we get to try some of these top new skincare products that actually do help slow down the aging process.  One we recently came across was VIE.  Check it out…


WRINKLE DIMENSION HYALURONIC ACID CONCENTRATE brings together a trio of hyaluronic acid, the benchmark molecule approved by dermatologists and used in optimum concentrations to effectively act on crepey and wrinkled skin. A semi-fluid, half-lotion serum that immediately melts on the skin, WRINKLE DIMENSION can be used year-round to provide maturing and wrinkled skin with a perfect supply of hyaluronic acid for an instantly rejuvenating effect.

Directly inspired by esthetic medicine, VIE Collection anti-aging solutions are marked by the influence of cosmeceuticals.

VIE Collection treatment protocols and retail skin care products replace or supplement esthetic medicine treatments. They echo the latest trends in the most commonly practiced dermatological rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures!

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