The Magic of Q-Tips


One of my favorite beauty items are Q-tips!  I can never get enough of them!  The day they released Precision Tips changed my beauty habits forever!  I CAN NOT live without these!

how to get fun candy nail designs

Oh, the things Te-see and you can do with Q-tips…Precision tips…Let me count the ways…Fix nail polish, clean nails, clean the gunky makeup that collects in your tear duct as the day goes on, apply eye shadow, apply your eye shadow as an eyeliner, fix mascara clumps on your eye, cover up zits with concealer, clean up eye makeup under your eyes after applying it, get out stains and spots on your clothes, clean up hair dye on your hair line…THE LIST GOES ON!!!

q-tip beauty rounds

And then there are the Q-tips beauty rounds…So soft but sturdy to hold any liquid or moisturizer without falling apart.  LOVE these too!  I take off my eye makeup every night using them!  One clean sweep people! Woo Hoo!  These q-tips rounds are also great for applying makeup, especially foundations, bronzer, blush, removing nail polish, fixing nail polish, cleaning around your house, and they travel well.  Other beauty rounds start falling apart in my cosmetic bag…but NOT Q-tips Rounds!

Available at all mass grocery stores, drug stores, target, walmart, kmart, etc…