How To Beat The Heat With Summer Hair Solutions



It’s always a challenge to make sure your hair look great while battling the hot and humid summer months. So, instead of blow drying and flat ironing your way to straight silky locks only to have them frizz up in the heat, fashionably surrender to a summer friendly style! Follow these steps to a casual, romantic braided up-do that will keep your hair completely off of your neck and back, avoiding any sticky weather worries!


Step 1: Start off by gathering your hair into a pony just above the nape of your neck, holding it in place with one hand. Using the other hand, carefully brush your hair backwards  John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Full Volume Hair Brush (, $7.50). The deep-shine silicone bristles will smooth away flyways and frizz!

john frieda stying tools

Step 2: Secure your low pony with a hair tie. Wrap your hair clockwise around the hair tie into a low bun. Using Scunci No Slip Grip Bobby Pins (drugstores, $4.00) pin your bun into place making sure it is tight and secure! These are the best ever!!!!  My hair NEVER slips when I use them!

no slip bobbi pins

Step 3: Ensure your strands stay put by spraying a few quick mists of Philip B. Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray (, $30.00)

Philip B. hair products

Step 4: To complete your summer style, slip on a Hair2wear by Christie Brinkley Fish Tail Headband (, $10.00)making sure the elastic band sits closely under your bun!

Hair2wearYou can also wear it with your hair down. The band has an adjustable strap to fits all heads and is really comfy!