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If you are like most women, you are never happy with your hair.  Whether it is short, long, straight, wavy, curly, the list goes on and the grass always seems greener.  And to top it off, the more heating tools we use, the hair coloring we do, and our natural aging process, take their toll on our hair.  The end result can make hair more brittle and eventually causing it to break or even worse…FALL OUT!

But what it if there was something you could do to prevent any or all of the above?  Would you try it?  I know I would and I did!  Thanks to Top NYC Hasir Restoration Doctor Dr. Robert Dorin, you can now keep your hair on your head!  When hair is healthy, it is shiny, full, and fortified against breakage. Because healthy hair stays strong over time, it can grow to beautiful, long lengths while maintaining natural radiance. Furthermore, responsible hair care will prevent strand loss due to breakage. While the aesthetic value of vibrant, full hair is often incentive enough to maintain a hair care regimen, there is science behind the beauty. Simply Scientific Hair products are physician formulated using simply the best scientific ingredients to deliver healthy, vibrant, soft, beautiful hair.While flawless hair may seem like a matter of chance, it’s really a question of science. With Scientific Essentials™, every day can be a beautiful hair day, while enriching your hair with the best ingredients.

scientific essentials hair products

His entire line Scientific Essentials includes:  Shampoo, Conditioner, Therapeutics, and Revitalizing Mist.  I have dry curly hair that breaks easily and doesn’t seem to grow long…So, I was given an opportunity to try Dr. Dorin’s new line and in only a few weeks I have noticed that my hair feels and looks fuller.  I have also noticed that when I finger comb my curls no hair is coming out any more.  YAY!!!!


Scientific Essentials is for all hair types and I highly recommend trying it!  What have you got to lose…NOT YOUR HAIR!

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