Stop Dandruff This Winter

Who HATES snow that isn’t from the sky?  Winter is here so lets keep it falling from the sky and not from your hair!

That’s right, we’re talking about dandruff! Dandruff flakes falling off the scalp onto the shoulders can ruin a blouse and make for socially awkward moment. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, dandruff is going to find its way to ruin your day. Winter cold air + overheated rooms = common cause of itchy, flaking skin. The perfect place to defeat dandruff is in the shower with DS Laboratories Dandrene! The ultra-premium cocktail of the latest science and timeless botanicals, Dandrene is brushing off dandruff once and for all.

best dandruff shampoo

DS Laboratories Dandrene ($29.99/ Dandruff is one of those things that can ruin a day; it leads to visible flakes in the hair, oiliness and irritation. DS Laboratories introduced Dandrene, a shampoo that will not disappoint. Dandrene combats flakes and offers a fast and effective solution to greasy dandruff on hair and clothing, irritated and itchy red scalp, oiliness, and fungal odor. And, it really does work! You won’t be embarrassed any more from the snow falling onto your shoulders! It is time combat the dandruff for once and all!