Stay Healthy After Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is next week and I know we are all dreaming of the yummy treats that await us.  However,  it’s no doubt how terrible all that food can make us feel the day after.  Take some tips from wellness expert and author Sophia Gushee on how to keep your Thanksgiving healthy and toxin free.


  • Do not char foods. Charred or well-done meat may contain carcinogenic heterocyclic amines and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Get to know the heat thresholds, or smoke points, of the oils you cook with, to avoid releasing toxic compounds.
  • Avoid food aerosol spray cans (e.g. cooking oils), which can deposit chemicals like propane, butane and dimethyl ether on foods. Those around may also inhale toxicants.
  • Buy certified meats organic cooking oils, which signals that these products were made without genetically engineered ingredients and were grown without pesticides.
  • Consider using iodized salt. Iodine can help guard against the hazards of chemicals like perchlorate, which can disrupt the thyroid system and affect brain development during pregnancy and the months after birth.