Spring Beauty Essentials

The Spring season is almost upon us and you know what that means!  It’s time to revamp your skincare routine.  Here are some spring essentials with picked-perfect ingredients to add to your beauty arsenal.

Try Bioré Baking Soda Acne Cleansing Foam: Formulated for combination skin, this daily cleanser gently removes daily surface dirt and oil to achieve a deep clean without overcleansing or stripping skin of its moisture. The thick, rich foam formula is like washing your face with a cloud—Baking Soda cleansing agents deep clean pores while Salicylic Acid treats and prevents breakouts, ensuring your face looks as clean and clear as it feels. ($6.49 and available at select food, drug and mass merchant stores.)

Olive Oil: This kitchen staple is not just for cooking! Packed with antioxidants and hydrating peptides, olive oil is known to provide anti-aging benefits to skin and also repairs damaged hair.
Try KORRES 3 in 1 Nourishing Face Oil (Face, Body, Hair): Intensively nourishing oil that works to deliver benefits to the face, body, and hair. Rich in organic extra virgin Olive oil derived from Cretan olive trees, the formula contains a mixture of vitamins, omega acids, and plant alkanes to safeguard long-term skin and hair health. ($46; HSN and HSN.com)
  • For Face – Can be added into moisturizer for enhanced hydration or used as a highlighter during makeup application for an instant natural glow.
  • For Body – Can be applied to damp skin to lock in moisture and deliver extra hydration.
  • For Hair – Can be used as an intensive hair treatment to boost elasticity or reduce frizz on hair ends to promote soft, shiny and silk tresses.
Ceramides: These naturally occurring molecules help to promote skin’s natural barrier while protecting against environmental dehydrators like wind.

Try: Curél Ultra Healing Lotion, a clinically proven moisturizer that repairs and renews extra-dry skin two times better than the leading intensive lotion. It soothes and softens on contact, helping skin hold onto moisture and heal. Formulated with Advanced Ceramide Therapy,

the lotion is designed to bolster your skin’s own moisturizing functions. The healing ingredients sink deep down to deliver a daily dose of superior hydration while fortifying skin’s natural moisture barrier.
($7.99; select food, drug and mass merchant stores nationwide)
Vitamin C: A necessary ingredient for collagen production, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals in skin and is great for its anti-aging properties.
Try IMAGE Skincare’s VITAL C Hydrating Repair Crème: This rich, reparative crème quenches dryness, soothes redness and comforts irritated skin. The crème combats signs of aging while nourishing skin for intense moisture all day. Vitamin C revitalizes skin by improving elasticity and brightness. ($63; Imageskincare.com and salons and spas nationwide)
Vanilla: Vanilla is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its fresh scent is perfect for misting on yourself during a breezy spring morning.
Try LAVANILA Laboratories’ The Healthy Fragrance: a unique collection of perfumes handcrafted by master natural perfumers. Each scent is infused with pure Madagascar vanilla in combination with organic sugar cane alcohol, natural botanical extracts, and other essential oils that are delicate on sensitive skin. Unlike other fragrances on the market, the Healthy Fragrance is free of drying alcohol, petrochemicals and phthalates.
Available in six invigorating scents: Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Summer, and Pure Vanilla. ($48 each; www.lavanila.com, Sephora, www.sephora.com)