Sonäge’s Glam Packs: Holiday Party Skincare

olivia wilde

Here are a few must-have skincare trios from Sonage that take the guesswork out of skin maintenance at the height of the social season.  The “Pre-Game Glam Party Pack” is aimed at helping you instantly master that elusive pre-party glow and the “Post Game Pretty Pack” gives your skin everything it needs to recover the next day (and prep for round two!)—no damage done.

Hello, beautiful. The “Pre-Game Glam Party Pack” includes products that instantly freshen the face and evens skin tone while minimizing the appearance of any fine line or wrinkles and infusing your skin with that just-been-to-the-spa glow. Time to make your entrance…

• Glow To Go: 25 peel pads that refresh, hydrate and even skin tone
• Collagen Serum: Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while giving the skin a firmer, plumper and     more youthful look
• Collagen Mask: 3 cotton tissue face masks with insoluble collagen fibers that, when activated with the collagen     serum, infuse your skin with an instant glow

You had fun. A lot of fun. Now, the “Post-Game Pretty Pack” hydrates your skin to fade signs of fatigue while restoring and replenishing Vitamins A, D and E and revitalizing weary skin by increasing blood circulation. No bunny slippers necessary.


• NMF Hyaluronic Serum: Intensely hydrates to fade fatigue while giving an overall fresh look
• Rejuvenating Vitamin Mask: Restorative mask that replenishes Vitamins A, D and E while increasing elasticity and pulling moisture to the skin’s surface
• Vitality Nourishing Serum: Blend of essential oils to revitalize weary skin and increase blood circulation

The party pack trios retail for $75 each and are available for purchase at the below links:

Pre-Game Glam Party Pack
Post-Game Pretty Pack