Get Your Skincare Deeper Into Your Dermis

Now you can help your skincare actually do what it is suppose to do…Go deep into the dermis and hydrate your skin.

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra is a sonic device that helps penetrate your skincare where needed.  It has 3 settings of heat depending on your personal preference.  You can use it 2 times a day on your face and neck.  Make sure when using it around your eyes that you do not use it on your actual eye lids.  That skin is very delicate!

I prefer to use it under my eyes, just below and above my brows, forehead, jowls and neck.  Use circular motions and try not to pull on your skin. You will see a difference in just a few minutes after using.  Take a before and after photo to see for yourself!

HINT:  Use a good amount of the skincare so that the device moves easily.  Pat the remaining skincare into your skin:)