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Look younger, more fashionable and sexy

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at the images of the legions of celebrities who have made going bald the fashion statement of the decade (Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Andre Agassi, Billy Zane, and Kobe Bryant to name but a few)  The fact is thinning hair or hair loss in western society is linked with middle age and growing old (even though hair loss can happen at any age). By finally deciding to stop doing battle with hair loss you can finally win back that youth you have been putting on hold.

No more pretending

When you have thinning hair you can spend so many wasted hours – and money trying to hide the fact. Whether its hats, toupees, wigs, hair transplants, comb-overs, or special dyes the problem of hair loss is always somewhere at the front of your mind preventing you from getting on with your life and being who you want to be.  Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers a fashionable style which needs minimum care.  You can wear what you like and take seconds getting ready instead of half an hour.

Micro Pigmentation works for everyone

With many hair treatment treatments and cures there is always the question of “Will it work for me?” Hair transplants when they work can look fantastic (We have to hand it to you Wayne) but sometimes they do not work which leads to frustration and lost investment. Other lesser-known treatments are even more unpredictable and may lead to the same kind of despondency and financial loss.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is what it says on the tin. It creates a tattoo on your scalp which mimics how your hair would grow. It is always customized to your color hair pigmentation, flesh color and hairline. It works with all genders and ethnicities. Once you decide to do it – it works.

Lifestyle changes

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The most immediate effect is, of course, how it looks. But it is this change that our clients report has a huge effect on their daily life and lifestyles. Our clients repeatedly report how they have gained confidence and self-esteem with their new look. This in turn opens new gateways in their lives and allows them to live up to their full potential. There are many heart-warming anecdotes about how it has enhanced relationships, career and daily lives.

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