SERO Professional For Growing Hair Naturally

I have been trying to get my very fine and curly hair to grow for years now.  I have tried anything that promises to do just that!  Some results have been positive and some have been a “no go:(”

While getting my hair done with Andi Scarbrough, at Framed Salon, I noticed a bottle of Hair Vitamins called SERO sitting at at her station.  Being the nosy beauty junkie that I am, I asked her if they really worked.  Her face lit up and she told me that her friend, Brian Bowman, also a hair stylist, created this formula with his father.  She gave me a bottle to try and I started taking them as directed that evening.

Andi also told me that my eyelashes would get longer and I would see less hair falling out!  I was in like flynn:)!  Within Weeks I noticed that my eyelashes did in fact look longer and less hair was falling to the floor when I combed it.  I was absolutely thrilled!  Below is a picture of me before using Sero.  (You can definitely see the difference in my hair length if you compare the photo above that I recently took.)

I recommend checking out the site to see all of the amazing natural ingredients that are in SERO Professional Hair Formula.

Here are the Key Benefits to using SERO:

  1. Fast Acting
  2. Increases Hair volume
  3. Drug Free
  4. Balances Natural Moisture within the Hair
  5. Stops Shedding due to post pregnancy, environmental factors, bio-chemical changes from medications, etc.
  6. Foundational Hair Strength
  7. Anti-aging properties

*It is definitely worth trying my beauties.  However, you do need to give it at least 2 months.  We all react differently to things.  I saw results within 2 weeks but not all people do.