Sarah Sampaio – Angel Ball 2015


Celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez worked with Sarah Sampaio for the Angel Ball 2015 on Monday, October 19 in New York, NY.

“We wanted to do a Hollywood glam look for  the Angel Ball. She was wearing a vintage Gucci dress and this Veronica Lake look was a perfect fit
“First, I started with Nexxus Promend Split-End Binding Leave-In Creme and Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist from mid shaft down. It’s always important to protect your hair when using a lot of heat.Then, on the roots I sprayed Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Lifting Mist and Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing all over. Afterward, I rough-dried the hair and smoothed out the ends with a medium size brush.

Once the hair was fully dry, I made my angled side part and used my T3 1-inch Curling Iron and curled the hair in small sections, going all the way down the shaft.  For this look, it’s important to curl the hair downward, not upward. After each curl, pin it down and repeat all the way through. You can use bobby pins or pin curl clips, whichever is easiest for you.

Once I was done curling, I let all the hair set for at least 5 minutes and then take out all clips.

With my Mason Pearson Brush, I brushed all the hair, making sure all of the curls are smoothing out and the waves are consistent. Don’t be afraid to brush over and over. Brushing makes the hair sit better. Once I liked how the hair was set, I sprayed Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist on a small teasing brush and brushed all the flyaways down. Last, I used more Finishing Mist all over, and there you go – Hollywood glam perfection.”