Reviv3 Procare Will Make Thin Hair Grow

Is your hair looking sad?  Has it stopped growing or breaking easily when you brush, comb or style it?  Have you exhausted all your hair growing options?  Then let me fill you in on a line of hair products that is now available in store that can help your Lame Hair!

get your hair to grow

Reviv3 Procare advance hair care products are now available for direct purchase! WOO HOO!  In its unique approach, Reviv3 Procare is all natural and is formulated as skin care for the scalp, thus working differently than other products. Their system uses a unique and gentle formula with specialized nutrients, herbal extracts and amino acids to promote strength and volume. In an independent clinical study, all participants (100%) had an improvement in PH levels of their scalp skin with an improvement of 80% on average, meaning the scalp was less acidic and optimized for hair growth and scalp health.

Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system involves three easy steps: PREP, PRIME and TREAT.  The Reviv3 Procare PREP (step 1) uses a cleanser shampoo that removes environmental residue and DHT build-up from the hair and scalp surface. The PRIME (step 2) is a Moisture + Conditioner which is formulated with natural glycoprotein to restore moisture, strength and elasticity to hair and scalp. The TREAT (step 3) is Reviv3 Procare’s advance Micro-Activ3 Treatment which delivers nutrients to the scalp and vital areas of hair follicles to increase microcirculation, renewed hair growth and strength. Together, Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system safely helps to prevent hair fallout, heal the scalp and hair follicles and improves the appearance of fine and thinning hair.

“Simply put, Reviv3 Procare works,” said Thomas Curzio, President of Reviv3 Procare. “You can actually feel the difference after just a few uses. It is an amazing product that anyone with damaged or thinning hair needs to try.” (I can definitely agree on that!  My hair felt thicker, looked fuller and I got a lot of compliments on the length which never ever happens!)

The Reviv3 Procare 3-part system is chemical and sulfate-free and works with both natural and color-treated hair. For more information and to purchase Reviv3 Procare, please visit

I met the owner at Kristoff Ball Salon in Beverly Hills over a month ago and he explained how the system works and that all of his clients now sue it with positive results.  He also suggested that when using the shampoo to gently massage it into my scalp and let it sit there for at least 3 minutes for ultimate results!  You can feel your scalp tingling so you know it’s working!