Renessence: Hair Renewal for Hair Loss Awareness Month


The only hair care brand created by a noted plastic surgeon, the Renessence Hair Renewal System is composed of the Follicle Forever® Shampoo, Follicle Forever® Conditioner and Follicle Forever® Serum, which work together as a treatment and a preventative for aging and thinning hair.

These hair helpers are uniquely formulated to fight hormonal Dihydrotestosterone (the primary culprit of hair loss in both men & women), circulatory deficiency and simultaneously recruit the body’s stem cell reserve. Individually and in conjunction, each product plays an important role by cleansing, moisturizing and stimulating the hair follicles for growth.

Not losing your hair quite yet? Lucky you! The Follicle Forever® Shampoo & Conditioner are ideal for maintaining the hair you do have, vacuuming out debris and buildup from the follicle, and boosting volume for instantly fuller hair. This revolutionary system is easy to work into any hair care regimen and is perfect for anyone who wants to find a full head of hair in the mirror – now, or in 20 years!

Follicle Forever® Shampoo

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This daily cleanser removes harmful debris – dead cells, oil, sebum, product buildup – which strangles the follicle and leads to unhealthy hair. Its unique blend of ingredients anchors the follicle for stronger hair with less thinning and shedding; a renewed, healthier scalp; and allows you to keep the hair you have longer.

Key ingredients:

·         Dynagen™ strengthens the follicle for improved growth

·         Procapil™ anchors hair and stimulates blood circulation within the scalp

·         Biotin enhances flexibility and strengthens the hair, as it intensifies new growth via follicle nourishment

Price: $32 (7.5 fl oz)

Follicle Forever® Conditioner

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This lightweight moisturizer delivers essential nutrients to the follicle for superior volume, shine and manageability. Hair is nourished and renewed for a fuller, thicker, healthier appearance; follicles are lubricated paving the way for the targeted delivery of Follicle Forever® Serum.

Key ingredients:

·         Voluminis™ nourishes, prevents frizz and enhances volume

·         Biotin enhances flexibility and strengthens the hair, as it intensifies new growth via follicle nourishment

·         Niacin boosts blood flow within the scalp to increase circulation

·         Panthenol improves hair elasticity, moisture

·         retention and flexibility for younger-looking hair

Price: $32 (7.5 fl oz)

Follicle Forever® Serum

Follicle Forever® Serum

The exclusive cornerstone of Renessence, tackles thinning hair by stimulating stem cells within the dormant follicle for renewal at the molecular level. The result: resurrection and maintenance of hair growth.

Key ingredients:

·         Mirroirté™, a Renessence-exclusive bioengineered peptide that initiates hair growth at the stem cell level

·         Capixyl™ stops hair loss and stimulates growth

·         Octapeptide-2 promotes growth within follicle stem cells

·         Resveratrol reverses and prevents follicle death

·         Alpha Linoleic, Azaelic, and Gamma Linoleic Acids, Zinc dually inhibit & eradicate DHT

Price: $85 (2 fl oz)

I have been using all 3 products for a few weeks now and have noticed that less hair is coming out when I brush or comb my hair.  The average woman loses between 50 – 100 strands a day.  So, if I can save some hair on my head every day, I am HAPPY!!!

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