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Renessence Hair Products


With fall in full swing and the holiday season upon us, sometimes it gets too busy to dedicate time to a thorough beauty routine – that doesn’t stop harsh winter weather from wreaking havoc on your skin, scalp and hair; leaving it dry, damaged and in desperate need of some tender love and care! Luckily, Renessence’s revolutionary three step system nourishes your follicles and promotes scalp health throughout the winter months – allowing you to grow fuller, thicker, longer locks. By the time 2016 rolls around, you will have a new envious head of hair!

This three step hair helper is uniquely formulated to cleanse, moisturize and stimulate the hair follicles for growth and rejuvenation. The Follicle Forever® Shampoo vacuums out debris and buildup from the follicle, while the Follicle Forever® Conditioner boosts volume for instantly fuller hair. The hero product of the line, the Follicle Forever® Serum, then sweeps in and tackles thinning hair by stimulating stem cells and ultimately allows hair to grow to its optimal state while leaving the scalp refreshed.

Follicle Forever® Shampoo

top shampoo for hair growth

Don’t worry about having to wash your hair everyday, this daily cleanser removes harmful debris – dead cells, oil, sebum, product buildup – which strangles the follicle and leads to unhealthy hair. Its unique blend of ingredients anchors the follicle for stronger hair with less thinning and shedding; a renewed, healthier scalp; and allows you to keep the hair you have longer.

Key ingredients:

·         Dynagen™ strengthens the follicle for improved growth

·         Procapil™ anchors hair and stimulates blood circulation within the scalp

·         Biotin enhances flexibility and strengthens the hair, as it intensifies new growth via follicle nourishment

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Follicle Forever® Conditioner

renessence hair conditioner

This lightweight moisturizer delivers essential nutrients to the follicle for superior volume, shine and manageability. Hair is nourished and renewed for a fuller, thicker, healthier appearance; follicles are lubricated paving the way for the targeted delivery of Follicle Forever® Serum.

Key ingredients:

·         Voluminis™ nourishes, prevents frizz and enhances volume

·         Biotin enhances flexibility and strengthens the hair, as it intensifies new growth via follicle nourishment

·         Niacin boosts blood flow within the scalp to increase circulation

·         Panthenol improves hair elasticity, moisture

·         retention and flexibility for younger-looking hair

*I have been using Renessence 3 step hair helper and my hair has grown in a short amount of time and looks fuller!!!!  My hair has always be fine and does not grow.  I have tried everything out there and Renessence is actually helping my hair!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Price/Availability: $32 (7.5 fl oz) at