Rejuvenate Your Face With vbeaute

naomi watts

If you are like most women aging gracefully, you are also part of a core group of females who will never stop looking for the ultimate age defying skincare product!  Being a busy beauty editor I get to try new skincare all the time and report back to my readers.  I LOVE MY JOB!  So, it is with great pleasure that I can honestly say this glacial face oil is worth trying!

NEW vbeauté Soft Core Rejuvenating Glacial Oil ($50) – a lightweight, fast-absorbing facial oil scientifically formulated with a combination of Swiss Alpine Rose and a plant-based Squalane emollient, which work together to help build a formidable barrier to keep skin soft and protected – bring tired looking skin to a climax once and for all!


This protein-enriched daily booster made with 100% pure plant oils increases skin’s moisture for up to 12 hours, helps optimize your skin’s own collagen levels and helps give you a more radiant and youthful appearance by working with our body’s own power to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase and retain moisture, plump, smooth and protect the skin’s barrier.

vbeauté Soft Core Rejuvenating Glacial Oil

·         Fast-absorbing, dry, lightweight oil that increases skin moisture for up to 12 hours

·         Improves the look of skin smoothness and leaves a radiant-looking finish

·         Contains BerryFlux Vita Complex, an oil-soluble extract of raspberry cultured stem cells plus a blend of lipids

·         Formulated with 34% squalene to help optimize skin’s moisture and help with the look of skin suppleness

·         Contains antioxidants from Swiss Alpine rose plant stem cells to help protect skin against free radical aggressors

·         Contains highest quality raspberry extracts and jojoba seed oil originally sourced from the semi-desert areas of the United States

·         Contains camellia oil from a winter-blooming flower that has been harvested for centuries

·         Contains avocado oil extracted from the flesh of the avocado fruit, and not the seed

·         Dermatologist and allergy tested; Free of parabens, fragrance and mineral oils 

*(After using Soft Core just once, 100% showed an average of 143% increase in skin hydration)

Price: $50