Red Carpet Hair Tips At 2018 SAG Awards

Tonight at the 2018 SAG Awards Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer helped assist some of our favorite beauties on the Red Carpet!  Check it out…

HOW TO (By Bridget Brager, Connie Britton’s hair stylist)

“The inspiration for Connie’s look was a relaxed wave with a 40’s flair!”

  • Start off by raking in Herbal Essences volume mousse, roots to ends

  • Lift the hair up and away with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, aiming the nozzle of the blow dryer under your finger tips for smooth volume

  • Once hair is 80% dry, take two-inch sections of hair, and using a large, round boar bristle brush, complete the blow out to ensure mega body and shine

  • After the hair is completely blown out use the cool shot setting on the Dyson hair dryer to set the look, raking fingers through the hair to lock in shine

  • Grab Harry Josh protocols 1.5 barrel curling iron to create large waves, pushing the hair in and out horizontally for a wave pattern

  • Use a large tooth comb and brush the waves out once hair is set, follow this procedure by spraying Herbal Essences volume dry shampoo mid shaft to ends for texture

  • Apply a generous amount of medium hold paste to smooth the hair (at the part) for a bottom feel, then tuck one side of hair back and hold it into place with strong hold hair spray


HOW TO (By Ashley Streicher, Mandy Moore’s hair stylist)

  • Start with clean, air dried hair and then work to re-dampen hair with a mixture of Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist with Rosewater and Reverie Surf Spray

  • Take sections of hair, starting from the top front section, and round brush them up for volume with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

  • When each section is dry and warm, spray it with Garnier Full Control spray and wrap it in a 1 ¼ inch Velcro roller to set, making sure there is a roller in each section

  • Give hair a once over spray of Garner Flexible over the rollers and let it set for 20 minutes, once cool and set twist out each section and flip over hair to shake out

  • Next take a boar bristle flat brush to brush out each section, then carefully back-comb each section with the same brush for hold and soft texture

  • Spray each section with Garnier Flexible Control and cleanly brush back the side parted, then secure with a bobby pin directly behind the ear

  • Brush back hair below bobby pins for a ‘70s brushed vibe

  • Finish off with an overall spray of Rene Furterer Texture Vegetal Spray to keep hair light and in place