Christina Hendricks Premiere of Dark Places


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Celebrity hair stylist Gregory Russell worked with Christina Hendricks for the Dark Places premiere on Tuesday, July 21 in Los Angeles, CA.


“We chose a vintage inspired hairstyle for Christina’s Dark Places premiere.

I began by using Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray on her damp hair concentrating on the roots for optimum volume. I then rough-dried her hair to about 95% and finished by using a Harry Josh 2-inch Boar Bristle Round Brush, setting each section with a small duckbill clip to retain as much volume as possible. I then applied some Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray throughout the hair as I took each section down for fibrousness, volume and texture.

I then created a deep part with my rattail comb. Next I sprayed Oscar Blandi Dry Heat Protection Spray on each section and curled, going in same direction with the tail of the hair away from the face, on the side of the part. After curling each section I again pinned the curls to hold shape. After completed I used my blow dryer with a diffuser and cooled the hair for five minutes.

Next, I unpinned each section, starting at the nape of the hair and brushing through with a Harry Josh Oval Brush. After working my way up through the sections, I shape and mold the hair using my brush and then use duckbill clips through the waves around the face to hold my desired shape.

Finally, I set the hair with Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray, removed the clips and sprayed again for hold.”