Piper’s Perfumery Bohemian Beauty Fragrance Mist

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Don’t be caught out on the Red Carpet or any where important smelling sweaty or stinky…Make an impression with fabulous smelling body mist!

Piper’s Perfumery NEW! Bohemian Beauty Fragrance Mist, an instant pick-me-up that will leave you feeling adventurous during these last few months in the sun. Whether enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or a night out with friends, this must-have scent will lift your spirits and those all around you!

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NEW Piper’s Perfumery Bohemian Beauty Fragrance Mist ($4.98; Walmart)
Feel naturally beautiful with this Bohemian Beauty and the fresh bled of green papaya, violet leaf, and orange flower with top notes of Green Papaya, Asian Pear and Fresh Aldehydes leading into mid notes of Osmanthus Petals, Violet Leaf, Orange Flower and Gardenia, and ends with dry notes of Amber Crystals, Whipped Almond Butter and Musk.