Pili and Elemi Oils For Winter Skin Blues

For centuries the Pili tree has been revered as the “Chosen Tree” in its native Philippines growing healthful nuts that locals have eaten as a tasty snack. But now the tree’s remarkable holistic benefits have been realized for skin care with clinical trials revealing the natural antioxidant, essential fatty acid and vitamin content that Pili & Elemi oils have.

Extracted from the bark and pulp of the tree, these ingredients deeply moisturize the skin to deliver high levels of natural anti-oxidant, hydrating and moisturizing benefits for exceptional anti-aging, anti-bacterial and firming results.

Pili Ani Skincare has created a unique line of super nourishing, super hydrating products that work on all skin types and for all seasons – but especially during the winter months when skin is more thirsty than usual.

Pili Ani offers a serum, hydrating oil and 3 creamy moisturizers that provide anti-aging benefits in addition to the amazing hydrating properties. I recommend using all 3 at night time.  Your skin will glow the next morning!


*Prices range from $110 – $135 and products are available on PiliAni.com