Pico Genesis For Glowing Skin

Now that summer is over girls and boys, it is time to face the fact that even if we did stay out of the sun, it still did some damage to the surface of our skin which can lead to the aging process and dull our lovely faces.  But do not fear my friends…PICO Genesis from CUTERA is here to help rescue our skin!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ray Jalian, a Board Certified Dermatologist with a Dermatology Fellowship at Harvard/Mass General following his medical training at UCLA and Cedars Sinai.  He is now one of the newest team members at Rebecca Fitzgerald’s office in Los Angeles, where he performed 2 PICO Genesis treatments on my face.  The first one was mid August and second laser treatment  was done in mid-September.  I left feeling good about myself and Dr. J was so amazing, I had no redness or marks on my face!  In fact, I got several compliments on how great I looked but no one could figure out what I had done…Hee, hee…My secret…

Dr. J was easy to talk with and excited about my results after 2 sessions.  It was obvious he loved what he did and was very knowledgeable about the procedure and told me everything to expect.  I was not disappointed.  I also felt safe with Dr. J.  I knew I was in good hands and more importantly, my FACE!

Below are my before and after photos:

Before Treatment:

After First Treatment:

2 Weeks After Second Treatment (you can definitely see less red pigment on my cheek after only 2 treaments! Pretty awesome!)

Pico Genesis is an extraordinary breakthrough 2-in-1 non-thermal laser procedure (no heat applied), that introduces an entirely new approach in treating aesthetic pigmentary concerns as well as skin rejuvenation using the enlighten™ picosecond and nanosecond system.  Ultra-short laser pulses deliver a photo-mechanical shockwave that not only shatters the pigment but stimulates remodeling in the upper layers of the skin to safely achieve dramatic improvements in uniformity of skin tone and reflectivity.

*Treatment is based on desired results discussed between physician and patient, works on all skin types, textures and tones. The procedure takes roughly 20 minutes from start to finish with virtually no medical downtime. Typically, optimal results are achieved in just 2 – 3 treatments, with some pigment results seen in just one treatment.  A PICO Genesis™ treatment leaves skin looking radiant naturally and without any adverse reactions.  Makeup may be needed for about a week on the treated areas for sun spots.