Petite Chaussette Socks You Will Love

Petite Chaussette socks

Now that summer weather is here, the stealthy, low cut, comfortable, non-slip and anti-microbial socks for women are the perfect sock to wear now and always! One Size fits most and they are fabulous to wear with your Toms, closed toe sandals or flats.  LOVE THEM! And best part…you can walk in comfort.  No wet, sweaty feet and no one can see them:)

top socks for summer

Plume Socks eliminate the difficulties women face when they need the protection of a sock but don’t want to spoil their outfit with a less than attractive footie that peeks out and/or clashes with their shoes. They can even be worn with high heels.

Plume Socks features:

  • 360° Silicone Gel Base Eliminates Slipping on Wood or Tile Floors
  • Zinc Oxide Treated Material Prevents Sweat, Odor and Bacteria Growth
  • Soft and Highly Breathable Pima Cotton/Spandex Fabric Protects Sensitive Skin

Available now at: Petite Chaussette