Pedi Ready With Beauty 360 at CVS

Summer is all about showing off your tan and perfectly manicure toes!  So, make sure you are pedi-ready! With Beauty 360’s extensive offerings of pedicure tools, including the NEW Sonic Perfect Pedi, you can create a DIY spa experience at home for soft, healthy-looking or beautiful feet!

Check out this Beauty 360 Sonic Perfect Pedi $49.99  Water resistant for safe use in the shower and includes charging stand for cord-freeconvenience.

sonic feet

A sonic brush, producing 300 oscillations per second for advanced cleansing, exfoliates dry, cracked skin and it includes two callus softener attachments – one to buff away rough areas around the heel and another to soften skin for feet that are smooth to the touch! It is fabulous!

It has low, medium and high speed settings with an automatic even-cleanse timer that prompts to switch feet after 90 seconds.

And no pedicure is complete without a Beauty 360 Comfort Hold Quarter Jaw Cuticle Nipper $14.99


The angled tip precisely and quickly removes stubborn cuticles and hangnails while a spring mechanism prevents pulling for safe cleaning around the nails.  I use it a few times a week to clean up dead skin around my toes.

If you need a nail clipper then check this out!  Beauty 360 Ergo Nail Clippers       $4.99


Unique ergonomic handles put less pressure on hands when clipping, giving you the perfect grip when you’re reaching for your toes

Head over to your local CVS or visit and get your toes groovin’