Nutrafol Combats Thinning Hair

NUTRAFOL is the next-generation, drug-free solution for women experiencing the effects of hair that’s not at its fullest potential in health and vitality. Built on biology and derived from nature, the supplement combines highly concentrated, patented ingredients, clinically proven to combat the underlying causes of thinning hair.  Nutrafol works by treating the factors that cause hair loss, which are micro-inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress. These factors interrupt the delivery of nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, which leads to unhealthy hair.

Nutrafol Dietary Supplement for hair loss

Nutrafol was designed with a four step process that reduces the factors compromising your follicles, which in turn encourages better absorption and delivery of nutrients.

First, Nutrafol rebalances the damaged hormones in your body that cause inflammation, by using patented DHT inhibitors and clinically proven nutraceutical adaptogens. This formulation naturally inhibits levels of DHT and lowers cortisol to minimize stress-related damage.

Second, Nutrafol repairs damaged follicles with clinically proven super-antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These ingredients reduce micro- inflammation and combat oxidative stress, optimizing roots for regrowth.

Third, Nutrafol revitalizes dormant follicles with three patented natural vasodilators that improve blood flow and micro-circulation in the scalp. This step opens the gateway for increased oxygen and nutrient delivery in the scalp.

Finally, the nourished follicles begin absorbing the fifteen vitamins and minerals and more than 20 amino acids, resulting in beautiful, healthy hair.

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