No More Frizz Or Split Ends With L’ANZA

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Ready for the next big thing in hair care?! Introducing the best NEW beauty innovation, the L’ANZA Healing Haircare Keratin Healing Oil Combing Cream ($40.00). L’ANZA is the 1st to pioneer this untouched but necessary haircare category! 
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Combing and brushing puts a great deal of mechanical stress on the hair, especially chemically-treated and compromised hair.  New research has revealed that combing friction is a leading cause of hair damage, split ends and frizz. COMBING CREAM was specifically developed to stop this from occurring. COMBING CREAM is L’ANZA’s most powerful anti-frizz product.  It not only corrects frizz that may already exist, it also prevents frizz from ever occurring in the first place.
•Reduces Combing Friction
•Prevents Hair Damage
•Stops Frizz
•Smooths hair
•Shortens drying time
•Stops flyaways
•Prevents static electricity
•Protects from heat, UV & infrared rays
COMBING CREAM can be applied to both damp and/or dry hair. Comb or brush the hair. Blow dry or allow to air dry then style as desired.  The KERATIN HEALING OIL COMBING CREAM is available in 4.7 oz for $40 at salons nationwide.
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