No More Sleepless Nights

Do sleepless nights await you?  Are you tired of dragging your ass through the day?  If you thought the phrase “beauty sleep” was just a cliché…you’d be surprised to learn that lack of sleep actually causes twice as many wrinkles (according to a study commissioned by Estée Lauder.) It turns out, those who slept only 5 hours every night for a month had twice as many wrinkles and spots, compared to those who slept for 6 – 7 hours (the necessary amount of sleep needed for optimal skin health.) Reason being, at night our bodies focus on repair and recovery in order to prepare the skin to defend itself the next morning.

6 hour sleep

With that in mind, check out: 6 HOUR SLEEP – a pure, antioxidant packed sleep tonic that engages your natural rhythms to ease you into a consistent and complete sleep cycle. 6 HOUR SLEEP’s carefully formulated Sleep Synergy Blend includes 12 natural and essential sleep promoting ingredients, nutrients, and minerals, that help you recharge during the night to wake up refreshed (not groggy), including: acai, mangosteen, chamomile, Vitamin E, melatonin, passion flower, valerian root, ashwagandha, GABA, magnesium, 5-HTP, and lemon balm.
It is wonderful and I have been an insomniac for 30 years.  Take at least 30 minutes before you intend to actually sleep!