No More Hair Insecurities With ReGenesis



Between coloring and hot tools – we’ve all suffered from damaged locks that we aren’t too proud of.  But have no fear, a new secret weapon is here! From the makers of RevitaLash Cosmetics, comes a line of products that will help you kick damaged strands of hair for good. ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System rejuvenates hair follicles by promoting noticeably thicker, fuller-bodied hair.

ReGenesis Hair Care

Micro-Targeting Spray ($149) targets hair cuticles with its enriched BioPeptin Complex formula, ultimately acting as a hair volume enhancer. The Micro-Targeting Spray uses a time-released formula that promotes natural shine and body to your hair. This leave-in product offers lasting results by delivering the necessary fatty lipids, peptides, and oxidants to your hair shaft, helping transform your hair into a fuller-bodied look.

Fast-Absorbing Foam ($149) is a lightweight and easy to apply hair volume enhancer that targets low-density hair areas.  The lightweight formula is ideal for fast application and a quick dry time. The Fast-Absorbing Foam is perfect for shorter hair types and for men.

Thickening Shampoo ($34) uses a Scalp Therapy Formula to promote healthier hair by strengthening hair cuticles, ultimately helping improve hair shaft thickness.  Feel your hair become youthful, all while attaining a healthier head of hair.

Thickening Conditioner ($36) incorporates the Scalp Therapy Formula to accomplish much more than conditioning your hair. Thickening Conditioner’s phyto-infused formula helps your hair perform better, while helping your scalp feel healthier by conditioning and defending the hair cuticle.

Detox Hair & Scalp Masque ($42) ideally used as a weekly treatment, integrates the ReGenesis Rejuvenating Formula to protect against hair breakage. Through detoxifying the hair and scalp, your hair follicles will feel fuller and thicker. Feel added hydration and shine after use.

Spot Serum ($40) implements an Anti-Breakage & Scalp Defense formula to target your specific low-density concerns. Its unique and portable packaging helps encourage healthier on-the-go hair. Typical spots such as the hairline, hair part, and crown region are uniquely enriched with the Spot Serum warming formula in order to incite thicker and fuller hair.

The ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System offers a diverse line of fool-proof products that complements your daily beauty routine to achieve fuller bodied hair.  Your hair will thank you!  This haircare system is AWESOME!!!