New Hairstyling Technique Makes A Huge Impact in USA

the new step and bone hair cut

The Step Bone Cut is a brand-new haircut technique which solves every problem that hairdressers have ever faced.  It was designed to help people look good, slim their face size, and bring the benefits of Western bone structure to the people of Asia.  The Good News…Now it is making a HUGE IMPACT here in the states!

The Step Bone Cut, also referred to as SBC, was developed by Sayuri Ushio, and initially conceived to balance the traditionally small face and flat bone structure of Asians.  A visionary who shapes form to function and function to form, Sayuri’s Step Bone Cut technique was so revolutionary it quickly caught on as a solution for short to medium length hair on men and women around the world.


the step bone cut



The Contoured Face-Slimming Haircut is a hybrid technique that utilizes the best parts of both the blunt cut and the dry cut.  This preserves the best parts of the blunt cut, which was originally designed for Western bone structures, while adjusting it to work with Eastern facial contours.  Next, there’s the dry cut, which controls the hair’s form and requires feeling and artistic sensibilities in order to be successfully performed.  After many hours of research, Sayuri was able to systematize this technique using tried and tested theories.

Customers can try hairstyles that were not possible before:

latest in hair styling

You can try many hair designs from a wide variety of styles with the Step Bone Cut. By cutting hair near its root, weight and volume can be controlled.  No matter what head size and shape a customer has, you can create clear, smooth hairstyles.  By using the Step Bone Cut method, you can increase or decrease volume anywhere you want to create the perfect shape.

Within one year a hairstylist can master the SBC technique and become certified to teach others.  As word travels and the stream of press continues more people are seeking salons with SBC certified stylists.  (The SBC technique is popular with young hairstylists because in a short time, (1 year ), you can become an advanced stylists.)  As word travels and the stream of press continues more people are seeking salons with SBC certified stylists.

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IS THE STEP BONE CUT RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR SALON?  Then you are in luck!  Sayuri has recently begun offering workshops in NY.  Her next anticipated workshop is on Monday, September 28, 2016, from 3:00pm-5:00pm.  SEMINAR FEE: $15 which includes complimentary scissor sharpening. $30 for each additional sharpening.  Location for workshop:  KOA restaurant 12 W 21st Street, New York, NY 10010.

3:00pm – Introducing SAYURI. Defining Hair Solutions (worldwide)
3:30pm – About the solution STEP BONE CUT
4:00pm – Model Demonstration
4:30pm –  Q and A’s, Lecture Announcement

CLICK BELOW NOW TO SIGN UP.  YOU STILL HAVE TIME UNTIL THE NEXT SEMINAR!!!!–new-york/the-step-bone-cut/?view=list