New Foam Body Wash For Spring

Spring is almost here!!!  YAY!  And now you can start prepping you body for warmer weather.  Start with keeping your body clean and hydrated with foam.  It is taking over your bathroom in forms you would have never expected and Being, a NEW bath + body brand, wants to help take it to the next level!

Introducing Being’s Shower Burst – a brightly colored gel-to-foam body wash with transformative technology that delivers a luxurious feel and provides a unique shower experience.

One pump of juicy neon gel from its easy-to-use bottle will immediately fill your shower with a burst of fragrance. As the foam expands, you’re left with a rich lather – 5x more lather than any other shower gel! With 40 showers in one bottle and a guarantee of no product wastage, feel free to foam how you want:)

Lose yourself in delicious clouds of fluffy foam that transforms from brightly colored shower gel in just seconds.

  • Available in four punchy fragrances – Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom, Chili Mango & Tonka Bean, Hibiscus & Coconut Water and Salted Caramel & Macadamia for $10