All Natural Restoration Skincare

restoration skin care


Emmy nominated makeup artist, Sarah Hall, recently launched an 100% natural skincare line of 8 products that anyone who is environmently conscious or into anything organic will just love! This chemical free line is made of all organic and natural products such as, avocado oil, coconut oil, coco butter, shea butter and essential oils. Completely preservative and filler free. Sarah is a huge health and beauty advocate and believes in feeding our body and skin only the most natural ingredient.  So, she named her all natural skincare line, “Restoration Skincare.

The need to make her own skincare products occurred when all the products on the market were hurting her family, who all have very sensitive, dry skin. After years of breaking out in rashes from harmful products, Sarah knew that it was time to put her knowledge to the test and create a product for her family that would give their skin the nourishment it needed.

Line includes:  whipped body lotion, body butter cream, body butter balm, body sugar scrub, lip balm, lip cream, hydration mist, and massage lotion.

Restoration Skincare has also become a family affair. Sarah, Rosa, and her mother, Sonja Benjamin are a team and have grown the line to include lip balms, lip butters, and body scrubs. They want to share their passion for living healthy, spiritual lives by sharing it through their products.

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  *(OMG!!!! The clove body butter is to die for…it smells so good and makes my skin feel so soft!  The lavender body butter is so relaxing and “restorative!”  What an amazing line!!! xo te-see)