October 10 Love Your Hair!

Guess what?! National Love Your Hair Day is October 10!!!  The day for all people to stop fussing about their hair problems and embrace their locks as a unique, diverse form of self-expression. Whether you have tameless curls, sleek hair, mermaid colors or beachy waves, this holiday is the day to look yourself in the mirror and say, “This is my hair, and I love it!”

To celebrate, we have rounded up It’s a 10 Haircare’s best all-inclusive hair products that celebrate all types of hair and perfect unique styles instantly, so everyone can feel like a “10” on 10/10!


Love your hair girls and boys!  It’s a 10 products can help you I promise:) After shampoo & conditioner, spray the Miracle Leave – in all over your hair.  Gently comb or brush through your hair.  Let it air dry or blow dry.  Your hair will look soft and luxurious either way!